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Paramount Projects Community Involvement

This charity was formed in honour of my amazing mother Jan Crist. She passed in 2012 from cancer, and it's our belief the money came from her in some way, and will allow us to change many lives for more than just our generation. Our family Foundation will help out a lot of charities for years to come but the ones that top our list are Cancer research and The Children's Hospital. Our foundation not only wants to aid financially, but we would also like to help physically by getting personally involved in the actual charities. We want our children to experience the joy of changing people's lives, instead of just writing cheques.

The Crist Foundation decided to give some toys to the magic room at the Ronald McDonald house because it's a charity dear to our family. Our foundation is going to have many different ventures but helping children will be near the top of our list.
It is for the kids and families that are staying at the Ronald McDonald house and are getting released, they are able to pick a toy on their way out and on the road to recovery.

The Crist family and its charitable foundation are working with Kidoodle.TV to find ways to better the lives of children and families. We speak of our kids as our national treasures, our best hope for the future, and our greatest loves. We cherish them, protect them from harm, and comfort them when they are in need. But unfortunately, not all kids are so lucky in their circumstances. By working together to find opportunities to benefit kids and families, we can stretch our resources